Dating Tips For People Who Are Newly Single

When it comes to dating, those who are newly single need all the tips they can get. If you have become single, then check out our top dating tips below:

No Bringing Up Exes
We get it, you’re newly single and the chances are you have recently gone through a breakup. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to vent about your ex, but you definitely don’t want to discuss your ex with anyone you are dating.

The above is especially if you are just getting to know a person. By living in the past, the people you meet will automatically think you’re not ready to move on.

One bad habit to break is to not talk about your ex right after your date has mentioned something that reminded you of them. Many people do this without even realizing it or they realize it when it’s too late.

Regardless if your date asks or doesn’t ask about your recent relationship, do your best to not bring it up. One of the quickest ways to ruin a date or to ensure a strong foundation won’t form is to constantly talk about your recent ex.

Use Several Sites To Meet People
The logic behind using multiple websites to find dates is simple; The more sites you actively use, the more of a chance you have of finding dates to go on.

More importantly, you’ll likely find someone you really click with and can develop a strong connection with. As a general rule of thumb, focus on using at least 3-4 websites.

Signup for two dating websites and use Facebook to connect with people who might be interested in dating you. Facebook has plenty of groups, as well as a dating app you can use from within the platform.

The two dating sites you join should be free and have a large user-base. Plenty of Fish is one of the dating sites you should join because it is free and it’s very beginner-friendly.

As a newly single, you want to make it as easy as possible to find potential matches. This is why you need to do the above.

Stay Positive
There’s an old saying that positive people attracts positive people, which is true in the dating world. No matter what, you should get yourself into a positive mood before you go out on a date.

Here’s a tip: laugh, smile and think happy thoughts before meeting your date. Another way to uplift your mood is to listen to upbeat music. When you meet your date, they’ll notice just how positive you are.

A lot of newly single people tend to have negative attitudes, even if they aren’t aware of it. Be more aware of how you’re acting when you’re on a date or meeting people.

If you’ve been hurt in your past relationship or if it was a mutual breakup, you might be harboring a few negative thoughts. Do not let those negative thoughts creep in while you’re trying to meet new people.

Be Picky
Newly singles need to be picky. You don’t want to make the mistake of going on dates with just anyone. Take your time to speak to people and only go on dates with people that you actually want to. Never go out with someone just because you’re bored.

On that note, try to find people that meet your standards and criteria. Make a mental note of your “type” and then only go out with those types of people. It’s commonsense advice, but believe us when we say it works.

Don’t Commit To A Serious Relationship
Another thing you don’t want to do is commit to a serious relationship right after meeting someone or start discussing lifelong relationship plans with someone you’ve just started to date or speaking to online.

Way too many newly singles are eager to fall in love again, but committing to a serious relationship too quickly is a recipe for disaster.

Even if the person you’re starting to date hints around wanting to make things “official”, it’s best to take things as slow as possible. This will allow a real and deep connection to develop.

Take Time For Yourself
How newly single are you? If you have just gotten out of a relationship within the last month, then it’s too soon to start dating. The wounds and the breakup is too fresh. This is regardless of who ended things.

We suggest taking time for yourself. As a general rule of thumb, give yourself a good three months before you start getting out there and dating people. This is enough time to heal and to get your head on straight.

If necessary, take more than three months. Also, during that time do not speak to your ex, unless you absolutely have to. Trust us when we say taking time for yourself will improve your dating experience.

Arrange Dates & Keep Things Basic
Arrange dates with people, but keep things as basic as possible. As a newly single, you might be tempted to go all-out on a first or second date. Do not spend a ton of money at the top restaurant in town and do not arrange an extravagant date.

Instead, simply arrange to meet at a breakfast spot or go somewhere for coffee. The first date is to get to know a person a little bit.

No Getting Obsessed
Don’t overdo it with the emailing, texting and calling. If the person you’re starting to date doesn’t reply to you right away, don’t stress out. Simply sit back and wait until you get a reply.

We know of so many people ruining what could have been a good thing due to becoming obsessed with someone they have just started to see. In many cases, it’s the newly singles who exhibit this behavior.

If you feel yourself becoming to clingy with someone, then keep yourself busy with other activities.

Those are the top dating tips newly singles should keep in mind. If you’re serious about having successful dating experiences, then make sure you remember our advice.

How Is Dating Different In 2021?


There’s no telling where things are going to go with COVID at this time. Though due to the vaccine now being available, many people are hopeful for the restrictions to start lifting. Dating is no exception.

However, most people do not expect dating to be the same as it was pre-COVID. It’s not just the restrictions that are affecting how people date. It’s also the recent political uprisings and the recent election.

An Ever-Increasing Desire for Similar Political Values

Recently, about 64 percent of OKCupid users said that they would not date someone who has significantly opposing political views to them. Approximately 300,000 members consider themselves to be activists.

Slower and More Virtual

Approximately 840,000 OKCupid users now believe in the importance of an emotional connection before a physical one.

Openness to long distance relationships has increased by one and a half million. Openness to dating someone of a different religion has increased by 15 percent and openness to interracial dating has increased by 10 percent.

However, local dating, now called locdating, has become more common than ever as well. If there’s one thing the lockdown has helped us do, it’s to increase our appreciation for our own backyards.

In fact, slow dating is already a popular term as a result.

Before, COVID, there used to be a rush to make the physical connection. This led to problems with ghosting. However, taking the time to make emotional connections is predicted to lessen it.

Cohabitation is Expected to Increase

About five million current OKCupid users have said that they believe that it’s better to try living with someone before marriage. In fact, speed rooming is already yet another term as a result.

Since people have had to stay at home so much in the last year, there’s also some prediction that they will want to get outside more.

Other New Dating Terms


People who consider themselves to be activists are now looking to connect with a fellow activist. Over 40 percent of both Generation Z and millennial women consider themselves to be activists.


Like the name suggests, it’s a term after the famous environmental activist, Greta Thunberg. It refers to two singles meeting over environmental activism.

Over the past two years alone, OKCupid has seen a 240 percent increase in mentions of climate change. They have seen about six times more mentions of Greta Thunberg.


Retroshading means bringing back a potential unwanted lover. This became very common last year thanks to virtual dating.


Manifestidatetion refers to going into dating knowing exactly what you want in a partner and going after it. For example, if your partner is still mooching off of you and your folks by year three, it may be time to reconsider.

New Dawn Daters

New Dawn primarily refers to those who are single and are ready to get back into the dating game. It also refers to those who have never dated online before and are nervous about it.

Bumble says that they expect to see an increase in New Dawn daters by about a fifth.


Hardballing means someone who won’t date anyone who doesn’t tick 100 percent of their boxes.

While it’s good to have high standards and not to waste your life messing around with the wrong ones, sometimes you never know just who you might connect with.

Overall, 2020 appears to have changed us for the better on stuff like that.


Like the name suggests, this refers to searching for love using the astrological signs.

In the last year, over one million people in the U.K. added their astrological sign to their profiles. They have reported an over 50 percent increase in matching success.

While astrology can be a good guide for who you will most likely match the best with, getting fixed on it can be limiting. So we advise you to proceed with caution there.

What About Sexting?

Since the lockdown, it has become very unsafe to attend anything like a sex party or fetish bars. As a result, zorgies and apps like Satisfyer have increased in popularity.

Satisfyer is an app for those in long distance relationships and still under visitation restrictions. It allows their members to turn on their lovers remotely through skillful features.

As a result, sex party firms such as Killing Kittens, has seen an increase of membership by more than a hundredfold. It allows their members to build their confidence before hitting the sheets in real life.

How To Know You Love Someone

How do you know when you love someone? There are a million ways to show you love someone, from the little moments to the bigger ones. Love is what we all desire to have, the feeling of companionship and togetherness.

When you love someone, You don’t just think about the person when you’re bored, they’re always on your mind. Even during the busiest moments, you ponder about them, how their day is, or what they are doing. Your love and caring sensation take over, no matter what it is your doing because your love for that person is so deep.

If you love someone you love them for all that they are, their imperfections are what make them beautiful. “I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect” – Taylor Swift. Perfection isn’t what love is, love is baking cookies at two am dancing around, or watching a movie after a long day. Love is different for everyone that is what makes it so beautiful.

Planning a future, a life together is a sign you love someone. You picture buying a house, having children, traveling the world together. They are your person, your best friend you want to experience everything with them because they are your world.
When you love someone you are scared because this feeling is overpowering. The feeling of giving all of yourself to another person, but if it feels right you can’t help yourself because “The biggest risks are the ones we take with our hearts” -Gurmeet Kaur. Loving someone is the biggest risk you’ll ever make, but it’s also the highest reward you’ll ever receive.

Love makes us happy, and if the person you love makes you happy and you make them happy, hold onto that person because that’s the most precious gift humans could ever share. Feeling happy, safe, cherished are all things as humans we need to feel to feel love. If you love someone and they love you, that’s all you need to have an excellent foundation for a long-lasting beautiful relationship.

You want the world to see how special and important this person is because they are your world your sunshine on the darkest days. “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”. -When Harry met Sally. You want everyone in your life to accept this person as your other, better half and see you as a unit.

When you love someone, you get jealous even when there isn’t a reason to. Your brain can’t understand why it’s jealous but you just want to be apart of everything in their life, even when you give them space to be their own individual. It’s because you are infatuated with them and they’re perfect in your eyes.

You put their needs first and always want the best for them. If they’re having a bad day you want to make it better. You want to be the cheerleader always on their team. You commit to being their person because they mean everything to you. “Being someone’s person is a commitment” -Zujomo Naga.

Love makes us better people. Being able to love someone and share empathy is a loveable trait, as if you love someone you have empathy for them which makes you a better person. Someone who makes you a better person is someone who truly loves you because they want the best for you as you do for them.

When you lock eyes there is a feeling of a connection, it could be on a busy street or alone in a room, when you lock eyes your all that matters to each other. A true love connection doesn’t need words necessarily it’s a feeling that is indescribable unless you have felt it for yourself. Your heart feels like it’s going to fall out of your chest, your palms are sweaty because it makes you giddy as your first kiss did.

When you love someone you know, and because we all want love so badly we question if it’s the real thing. If you love someone and they love you, never stop fighting for each other, be the there biggest fan, and most importantly never stop trying.

How To Find Someone You Are Compatible With When Dating

Dating is a lot of fun, but there is a lot of work that runs behind the scenes. There are happy couples everywhere, and you are starting to wonder where your partner is hiding. But even if you met them right now, would you know they are right for you? How can you tell when you meet the love of your life? Is there a formula you can use?

Perhaps a magic spell?

The exciting thing about love and affection is that you never see it coming. When you think about it, it is scary because what if you miss your love train because you “couldn’t read signs” or “confused?” We meet different people every day; at work, during commutes, parties, or even dating sites. But how do you decide you want to establish something “more” with a person?

How Do You Identify A Partner?

On a personal basis, everyone looks for different qualities that would mark the perfect partner. Generally, they include physical appearances and mannerisms, but the lists get longer we interact more. So, what are the criteria for finding a compatible dating partner?

They Will Make Everything Better

In all honesty, no one is fully prepared for adulting or anything associated with it. It’s like you never catch a break. Even if your adult life is running smoothly, which I highly doubt it is, you will need someone to come home to at the end of the day. Not because you are lonely or helpless, but because they make everything better.

Your partner should be a source of happiness and inspiration, and when everything is not going great, you will still have each other.

Shared Values

When we were young, we believed that love is the strongest force that can withstand everything. Even at the onset of a relationship, we want to believe this so badly because it eliminates the differences between the two of you. But as the relationship plays out and the love is no longer blind, we start to perceive our partners as they really are.
If you and your partner conflict over moral values and beliefs that cannot be compromised, your relationship will be rocky for the entire period you date. Values tend to vary between individuals based on their priorities and preferences. Talking about your expectations and beliefs at the onset of a relationship will save you hurt and discomfort down the road.


Trust nobody- that is the basic life rule we learn from a very young age. If we are going, to be honest, trust is not for the weak-hearted, and neither is it for everything. It might take a long time to build a foundation of trust, but this is crucial if you consider life-long commitments with a person.

Your Body Settles

As weird as this sounds, you can use your body to determine how you feel about a person. Sexual attraction and compatibility are the basics of physical love, but how does your body respond to a particular person. Do you feel comfortable and safe around them? Is it easy for you to orgasm or cuddle with them? Trust your body because it will find its needs without conscious dictation.

Do You Share A Vision?

It doesn’t matter how much you love a person if your future plans do not align. This includes significant goals such as finances, family, spirituality, to preference goals like traveling.

Compromising your plans and goals might seem okay at the start, but it will only build up resentment and guilt over the years. On the other hand, shared goals act as your bearing towards the future. They give structure and purpose to your life together.

It will help in guiding your life choices through every situation. When you are in the talking stage, it’s crucial to talk about your lifestyle goals to determine whether you’ll stick around.

Do They Know When They Are Wrong?

If you have spent any time in front of the television or on the internet, then you are familiar with the phrase “women are always right.” People make fun of it, and it has somehow been accepted as a universal truth.

However, it is important for partners to realize when they are wrong and when to apologize. People who love, value, and respect you will find a way to work through conflict instead of initiating blame games.

If you find that you are the one always having to apologize to save a situation, you should sit back and evaluate your life choices. Sucking up to someone never ends well, so walk away with your dignity intact.

Yes, You Like Them, But Are You Really Interested?

As you interact more with people, you will realize that liking someone does not necessarily mean being interested in their lives. Perhaps you are attracted by their looks or social status, but you wouldn’t care about what goes on in their lives. This kind of attraction is perfect for flings and one-night stands, but not if you genuinely like a person.
When you love someone, you take a deep interest in every detail in their lives, such as work, their family, past stories. This helps you understand your partner a lot better, and it allows you to be part of their everyday life.
However, please learn the difference between interest and stalk-ish behavior. You don’t want to be the creepy partner.

They Are a Support Structure

You have probably figured out by now just how tough adulting can get, and you understand how important it is for someone to have your back. However, they don’t have to be the strong ones all the time. Your partner should be vulnerable enough to ask for help. Being vulnerable with each other deepens your bond and trust.

All in all, other factors come into play when you are dating someone. Some are based entirely on preference, such as material possessions or physical appearance, while others are beyond our control, such as culture and religion. Either way, making it work depends on your communication and respect for one another.

Find Your Match Now

Let’s cut right to the chase. You are here because you want to find someone special. We understand! There is surely someone for everyone, and we are confident that you can find your perfect match! will help guide you as we review a variety of sites and apps that people are using more and more.

We also are aware of a variety of books and programs that help individuals learn what may have happened in a previous relationship that they want to avoid going forward. We all have something to learn in that regard! So, let’s get going! Stay with us for great resources coming very soon!