How To Know You Love Someone

How do you know when you love someone? There are a million ways to show you love someone, from the little moments to the bigger ones. Love is what we all desire to have, the feeling of companionship and togetherness.

When you love someone, You don’t just think about the person when you’re bored, they’re always on your mind. Even during the busiest moments, you ponder about them, how their day is, or what they are doing. Your love and caring sensation take over, no matter what it is your doing because your love for that person is so deep.

If you love someone you love them for all that they are, their imperfections are what make them beautiful. “I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect” – Taylor Swift. Perfection isn’t what love is, love is baking cookies at two am dancing around, or watching a movie after a long day. Love is different for everyone that is what makes it so beautiful.

Planning a future, a life together is a sign you love someone. You picture buying a house, having children, traveling the world together. They are your person, your best friend you want to experience everything with them because they are your world.
When you love someone you are scared because this feeling is overpowering. The feeling of giving all of yourself to another person, but if it feels right you can’t help yourself because “The biggest risks are the ones we take with our hearts” -Gurmeet Kaur. Loving someone is the biggest risk you’ll ever make, but it’s also the highest reward you’ll ever receive.

Love makes us happy, and if the person you love makes you happy and you make them happy, hold onto that person because that’s the most precious gift humans could ever share. Feeling happy, safe, cherished are all things as humans we need to feel to feel love. If you love someone and they love you, that’s all you need to have an excellent foundation for a long-lasting beautiful relationship.

You want the world to see how special and important this person is because they are your world your sunshine on the darkest days. “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”. -When Harry met Sally. You want everyone in your life to accept this person as your other, better half and see you as a unit.

When you love someone, you get jealous even when there isn’t a reason to. Your brain can’t understand why it’s jealous but you just want to be apart of everything in their life, even when you give them space to be their own individual. It’s because you are infatuated with them and they’re perfect in your eyes.

You put their needs first and always want the best for them. If they’re having a bad day you want to make it better. You want to be the cheerleader always on their team. You commit to being their person because they mean everything to you. “Being someone’s person is a commitment” -Zujomo Naga.

Love makes us better people. Being able to love someone and share empathy is a loveable trait, as if you love someone you have empathy for them which makes you a better person. Someone who makes you a better person is someone who truly loves you because they want the best for you as you do for them.

When you lock eyes there is a feeling of a connection, it could be on a busy street or alone in a room, when you lock eyes your all that matters to each other. A true love connection doesn’t need words necessarily it’s a feeling that is indescribable unless you have felt it for yourself. Your heart feels like it’s going to fall out of your chest, your palms are sweaty because it makes you giddy as your first kiss did.

When you love someone you know, and because we all want love so badly we question if it’s the real thing. If you love someone and they love you, never stop fighting for each other, be the there biggest fan, and most importantly never stop trying.